The Flour Power of Asmus

Mar 17, 2023

Asmus Seasonings, and its President, Dan Lowry, has always been well-known for its amazing selection of herbs and spices, its seasoning blends, its proprietary rubs and brines mixes as well as being an invaluable source for the creation of custom seasoning solutions.

But did you know that Asmus is ALSO a big player in the flour biz?

No, Dan isn’t a florist, but he IS a great…

If your business uses flour to coat or bread your chicken, fish, seafood, vegetables or other foods, and  whether it’s used as part of a standard breading procedure, solely as a flouring agent, or used as a batter or tempura, Asmus has flour solution for you, which can:

  • Add additional flavor & color
  • Improve crispness & holding time
  • Diminish grease retention
  • Save labor
  • Increase consistency and product integrity

Many of our customers use just one of our seasoned flours, but they use it in a two-step coating application process.

First, it’s used strictly as a dredging flour. Then, after resting, that same flour is used to make a light batter which the product is then dipped in, just before pan or deep frying.

The result is an evenly coated, well-seasoned product with just the right amount of crisp coating.

While Asmus has its own “house”, seasoning flour, which many people love, some of our customers have chosen to work with us to develop their own, unique seasoned flour blend.

They pair this seasoned flour with, you guessed it, their own proprietary brine, also made for them right here at Asmus.

In another, rapidly expanding food service arena, a new trend in the Chicken Wing business is that many entrepreneurs are discovering that a HIGHLY seasoned pre-fry “dusting” flour can supplant the need for adding additional sauce to their wings.

Or, even replace the need for a sauce ALL TOGETHER!

Crayons in the box.

When developing a custom seasoned flour blend for our customer, we listen carefully to what they tell us THEIR customers really want.

Based on this criteria, we then go to work.

Among the crayons in our box are:

  • Flour choices such as wheat, rice or corn flours which provide the overall structure of the coating and contribute to the overall crispness and structure.
  • Powdered egg solids which can help a batter hold its shape.
  • Milk and buttermilk solids which add flavor and increase tenderization
  • Leaving agents which can lighten the coating or batter by creating volume.

Of course, most importantly, are the seasonings.

From spices and herbs to savory broth powders, vegetable particulates, citrus and more, Asmus creates its blends specifically to suit the tastes of its customers, and in turn, their customers.

But seasoned flours for coatings are ONLY part of our “Flour Shop”!

Related to flour is our pizza and bread dough mixes which are increasingly playing a vital role in pizzerias and bakeries.

Our pre-measured & portioned dough mix packets contain everything from sugar, salt, yeast, seasonings and dough conditioners. All you have to do is add flour, water and, if desired, oil.

Pizza chains are a bottom-line business in a very competitive market.

The convenience of these packets provides them with exceptional quality control, better flavor, consistency of product, and both labor and cost effectiveness.

Seasoned flours and flour mixes.

Just another way Asmus provides unique and important Seasoning Solutions to an ever-challenged segment of the food service industry.The

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