Food Safety &
Quality Assurance

Meeting & Exceeding
National Standards — and Yours

At Asmus and Red Goose, quality and integrity are more than just words.

These two words are at the forefront of everything we do. It begins with those two simple words, but it requires dedication and commitment to turn those words into action every single day.


→ Putting the value of relationships before profits.
→ Placing a priority on the repeat business we get when we come through for your customers so that they, in turn, can come through for theirs.
→ Knowing what it’s truly like to be on the receiving end of what we do.
→ Truly understanding what our customers expect from us and making it happen.
→ The pride of doing a job not only well, but exceeding expectations, drives us.

All of this builds integrity and trust, and, quite simply, it’s good business.

Backing up those words are more than deeds. They’re concrete, day-to-day actions and procedures which safeguard this Food Safety and Quality Assurance commitment, including third party audits and the following:

  • Curating our sourcing from only the highest quality suppliers, and then, upon arrival, inspecting everything we expect with visual and quantified taste analysis to reinforce our ridged specifications and that our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are being followed to the letter
  • Strict compliance with our HACCP program
  • FDA compliance
  • An in-place recall program
  • Sample retentions and lot tracking by batch
  • Metal detection devices within production

No Secrets

Want to see our food manufacturing lab’s test results and Certificates of Analysis? Our Certificates of Achievement for Food Safety & Sanitation Excellence? They’re always available for our customers to review.

Additional Programs to
Suit Your Needs

Asmus Seasonings is no one-trick pony. Beyond the highest quality herbs, spices, blends, and all the aforementioned products and solution services we offer, we are also proud to offer the following “specialized” product inventory to our customers.

Gluten-Free Ingredients

USDA Organic Products

Michigan Kosher Certified Products

Get Down with the Goose!
(What is Red Goose and Savvy Goose?)

If you think of Asmus Seasonings as the manufacturer and supplier of seasoning and product applications for larger, multi-unit corporations, then you can think of the Red Goose Spice Company, launched in 2002, as Asmus’s own house brand.

It is most well-known by restaurants, hotels, clubs, and similar food service establishments both locally and nationally through its distribution network. Its newest retail line of Savvy Goose products falls within the Red Goose family. Their unique blends were tailor-made to enhance your enjoyment of a wide range of menu choices.

Visit the Red Goose Website

Visit the Savvy Goose Website