Frequently Asked Questions
about all the things we do at Asmus


Mixing proprietary spice blends is our core business at Asmus. With over a century of experience behind us, our expertise is unmatched in the industry.
What is proprietary blending of spices?
We mix up our customers’ exclusive spice blends, then pack in bulk boxes — or in bags or boxes with just enough seasoning for a standard production run.

Here’s how it worked for one of our current customers:

Company “F” used a dry-mix marinade for meats that would be smoked. The product was costing them $4.05 per pound in 25# boxes, and it was only available on special order. The producer discontinued the item. “F” asked Asmus to make a replacement. We did so — and with improved flavor — for $3.40 per pound. This product is now their unique recipe.

Who uses your proprietary blending services?

Food manufacturers, meat processors, restaurant and grocer groups, co-packers, and folks who pack for retail or internet sales.

Will my recipe remain confidential?
We sign ironclad confidentiality agreements.
I’m a small business. I mix my own spices. Why would I pay someone else to do it?

Our entire operation is geared toward precise, efficient mixing and packing of spices. It’s what we do all day!

We can save you time and money!

Your time spent on your own production floor or with customers is likely worth more than the cost of our services!

What is your minimum order for proprietary blending services?
Generally, 200# per production run to achieve economy of scale. Some exceptions are made.
How is my proprietary blend packed?
It depends on your needs. For bulk orders, we commonly use 25# or 50# cartons. For standard production runs, we’ll pack a bag or box (anywhere from 8 ounces to several pounds) with just enough material for a single run.
What do you need to get started?
See our flyer, which covers all procedures/timing: Checklist for Proprietary Blending Project.
What is our lead time if we bring you a recipe?
It takes two to three weeks to produce the first test sample, as well as 5 to 8 working days each time we go back to the lab to tweak.
Once we have approved the test sample, what is our production lead time?
It takes 15 working days for the first run and 10 working days for subsequent runs.
How do you ship my product to me?
We ship them by common carrier or UPS direct to you or your co-packer. We make some deliveries in the immediate Detroit metro area.