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Does Asmus provide my company with a dry dressing and or dips seasoning mix with a , “natural” bacon flavor? I don’t want to use an artificial bacon flavor.
Yes we have natural bacon flavors. We do use Soy Bacon bits in some dressings as requested.
What is the typical “shelf life” of my Asmus seasoning blends (before opening, and after opening my 25 lb. bulk boxes and is there any advantage of keeping them in the cooler or freezer?
I can guarantee minimum of one year for herbs and spices. I don’t recommend putting open boxes of spice in your coolers.
Hi Dan. Is the political climate in Eastern Europe having any effect on the supply and costs of herbs and spices at this time?
We have not seen a huge change yet from the normal new higher prices, freight hikes and shortage of products.
I’ve heard that “oleoresin” one tool in the Asmus box that can improve my seasoning blends. What is oleoresin and how is it used in the seasonings business?
Oleoresin is a oil extract of spices and herbs. Primarily used as a flavor enchancer. Usually the resin is plated or mixed into salt, sugar or dextrose in order to evenly disburse color and flavor.
What anti-caking agents are available for Asmus to use which will help my company to keep a “green label” on our seasoning blends?
We have started using a plant based product call Nu Flow pricey but for green label worth every bit.
Dan, I’m interested in creating a line of Barbecue Sauces and Rubs for a new restaurant concept. What are the various options available for Asmus to add a “smoke” component to my products?
We have many option using dry powders or oils. There are many flavors to choose from Hickory, Mesquite, Apple
I currently use regular light brown sugar to add to my meat rubs. I find however that it clumps and hardens. What product would you recommend that would be an equally good to solve this problem?
We use a Brownulated Brown Sugar slow melts and does not clump.
I am interested in creating a line of Vegan dry salad dressing mixes which would only need vegetable oil and water. What dehydrated vegetables does Asmus use most often for these types of products and what options are available to add a vinegar like flavor and acidity in a dry form?
We carry many varieties of fruits and vegetables in different forms powdered, granulated, diced in all sizes from 1/8th inch to 3/4 inch and flaked. Vinegar powders re popular Balsamic, White, Apple, Red Wine etc.
I am a partner in a start up Barbecue restaurant concept and I am wondering if Asmus can create a “signature” cornbread mix for our business?
We sure can using your recipe or we can develop one for your concept.
I direct a multi-unit bakery business and would like to create sweet, yeast raised cinnamon roll. It would be so wonderful if we could find someone who could help us to create a yeast raised sweet dough mix where we only have to add water. Can Asmus create a product like this and, if so, would you also create a cinnamon and brown sugar spice packet that we could just add to our butter / margarine smear?
The answer to both questions is yes. Portion controlled packages with simple instructions included on your packaging for your employees to follow.
Dear Dan, I am working with a contract feeding that is interested in creating a half dozen dry soup mixes where we would only have to add liquid (water or milk). Can Asmus create dry soup mixes with a high quality dry chicken or beef base all packaged as one?
Our team have has fun creating soup blends. We can develop different clear broth or cream soup mixes.
I own a small chain of pizzerias and we make our dough from scratch every day at each unit. With labor being so tight lately, I’m thinking on looking for a company that can make a complete dough mix for us to use to save labor and improve our consistency. Does Asmus make pizza dough mixes? If so, I’ve heard that a dough conditioner can improve my results. What is a dough conditioner and what does it do?
First a Dough Conditioner will make pizza dough stretch easier. We package Pizza Dough mixes for many Pizza Chains where water is added. Our packages come printed with instruction on use.
Dan, I’ve heard that the heat in the same species of hot chiles can sometimes change quite a bit from pepper to pepper and season to season. When you create a seasoning blend that requires a certain amount of heat, how can you guarantee that each batch is the same “scoville” units on the heat index batch after batch?
Though it is difficult to stay fully consistent, heat Scoville variance is within a non-noticeable range.
Dan, Quite often, Chef’s use soy sauce as a flavor component in their beef steak sauces. I’m interested in adding the flavor of soy sauce in a dry seasoning salt that I’d like to use in on all of our grilled steaks. Can you guys make something like that?
Yes, we can create flavor profiles for seasonings or just add dry Soy Sauce powder if needed.
Hi Dan! I currently use a commercial biscuit mix in my commissaries but I’d love to create something much better with more buttery taste, and a bit of honey. Can Asmus create a dry mix with a butter and honey flavor?
Yes we have created in the past different Bisquit mixes. I do not see any problems adding a Honey/ Butter flavor.
Our restaurant group is now frying more chicken than EVER! Right now, we’re paying though the nose, buying an “off the shelf” seasoned flour from a local distributor. I’d like to find someone who could create a seasoned flour for our business that we could buy in bulk and maybe save a few bucks. Can Asmus do that?
We create many seasoned flour blends for customer. We actually add ingredients to help improve the crispiness of your fried product.
Dan. This is kind of a technical question I guess, and maybe I’m a little food tech crazy…but here goes. I’m looking to see if Asmus could create some dry brine mixes with citrus flavors balanced with dry herbs. I know that the acids of fresh citrus can destroy the flavors and colors of fresh herbs but what about if they are all dry or freeze dried? Will the shelf life or quality of these seasoning blends be diminished?
No quality will not diminish. Using citrus ingredients and herbs together in a dry for does not discolor herbs. When hydrated with oil or water color should not diminish to much.
Dan. I like to buy in large bulk quantiles when possible. Multiple pallets. What is the expected shelf life of any yeast raised pizza dough mix that I might buy from Asmus for my pizza shops?
The answer to this question is easy. If you are buying a pallet you know you are using it fast within a year, Otherwise we will not recommend this type of purchase. We easily can guarantee one year.
What options would you recommend to be added to a dry seasoning mix for my vinaigrettes so that the oil and vinegar don’t immediately separate once I add the seasoning mix packet and shake it. Maybe some kind of gum? Any thoughts?
Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum are the most common thickening agent to use. Keeps all the ingredients suspended.
Dan. I’m working with an upscale Bar / Nightclub group and we’re interested in creating some drink mixes, most important, a Bloody Mary mix to add to V-8 juice. We like the ideas of celery, pickles, and additional vegetables. What are your thoughts and can Asmus or Red Goose make something like this for our group? Very excited!
Yes, We lately have had interest. Mixologist have asked for Drink Bases.
Dan. I hear y’all make some great spice blends but can you make my company a signature spice rub that includes coffee?
Yes we currently make blends with coffee, expresso.
Hi there Dan! Question? Can Asmus make a “signature” Hot Chocolate recipe for us with cinnamon and spice for our company to use throughout the holiday season? We would want it in bulk with a formula to add it to a specified amount of steamed hot milk.
We are able to make seasonal drinks blends. We have a 50 lb. minimum when purchasing the product.
Dan. Can your company mix a large batch of my special seasoning blend and then portion it into multiple size containers or seasoning packets?
Yes we are able to package with our Matrix Packager from 1 oz to 3 lb. as well as hand pack with our energetic team.
Dan…. Tough one. I’m wanting to create a marinate that tastes like its aged in wood. I know there are “smoke” flavorings but is there any way I can add the flavor of ‘aged wood / oak” to a marinated dry seasoning you can create for my company?
There are many new flavor ingredients coming to the market. We source out different flavors and we would find one for your application.
So curious. Dan, I’d like for Asmus or Red Goose to create a private label marinate for my company that uses Worcestershire sauce. I want it to by a dry mix and I’d also not have it use the allergen “fish” as in anchovy. Can you make something like that happen?
We can create a Worcestershire flavor profile to add to you marinate just not with the the allergen ingredients.
Dan? DAN!!.... I’m in the fish biz. Remember the old Arthur Threacher days? We’re VERY interested in creating an EXTRA crunchy batter for our fish (both cod and haddock). What are your thoughts?
With my team we can create any type of flour blend you need. Extra Crunchy you want you GOT IT!!
If I work with Asmus or Red Goose to produce a retail package of our popular seasoning blend. Will every herb and spice our recipe uses have to be on the label for my competitors to see?
No there are certain Herbs & Spices that need to be listed otherwise we just label Natural Herbs & Spices.
Dan. Does Asmus make any dry mixes for pastries? Like for creams or puddings? Can you create mixes that are coffee, toffee or caramel flavored?
We are not known for the Sweet side of cooking. But we been venturing more into cookie mixes, pancake mixes, hush puppy mixes, cornbread.
Dan….Exactly what is “malt” flavor? Where does that come from? And can you create a pancake or waffle mix for me that uses it?
Malt Flavor is made with Barley Extract. Flavor profile is Sweet .Nutty flavor with Corn Syrup added.
Some of my companies most popular salad dressing and marinates use sesame oil. If I have Asmus or Red Goose make a dry mix to make these dressings for my company, how can you create the flavor of sesame oil in a dry mix? Is it possible?
There are many flavor extracts to add to any blend as needed.
My company makes a featured “Mashed Potato” bar. It’s SO complicated? So much labor to make so many flavors…Roasted Garlic, Cheesy, Southwest, Bacon & Cheese…. Can Asmus create a mix for us to add to each of these flavors so that all we have to do is mix it in to the mash and then top them with fresh ingredients?
We can create toppers for mashed Potatoes or added seasonings to the potatoes when mashed.
Does Asmus add any “atmospherics” to its packaged spice blends?
Does Asmus work with powdered nuts? I’m interested in creating a line of Asian dressings and coatings that would use powdered peanuts and cashews in the mixes that I hope you could create with us.
We are very careful brining nuts into our facility we prefer not using Peanuts.
Hi Dan. I hope you can help. I am working with a weight loss group that limits fats. If I have your group create some dressing mixes for my company, what could you do to create for us some salad dressing mixes that have the ability to (when mixed) and then consumed, create the same mouth feel of fat/oil with out adding any?
There are many substituted ingredients on the market to use for mouth feel and taste when making products.
Does Asmus or Red Goose have a product which can add that “developed” aged sour flavor to my breads?
No – not at this time. Bring us your thoughts!!
Hi Mr. Dan! I’ve been put in charge of finding a company that can produce a seasoning mix to help us create both a Mexicali and a Dill and Onion Dip. Do you do that sort of stuff? If you do, I personally would like a KILLER dill and onion dip! What kind of onions can you use? What size would they be? How about the taste of caramelized onion? Can you do that ?
We have different onion varieties and cuts from powders, granulated, minced, diced, flakes, sliced. We have toasted onion and roasted onion as well.
My company makes house-made sausages. I’ve been asked if there is an option to creating a “natural” cure for our sausage mix vs. the chemical ones we use now. Educate me? What can Asmus do to give us a “cleaner” ingredients label?
A good Natural Nitrate is Ground Celery and can be used for a clean label. Although you will not have the same look after the sausages are smoked.
Cheers Dan! I oversee a chain of specialty gift shops and we’ve always wanted to create a “signature” potpourri seasoning blend that we could sell in all of our shops throughout the holiday season. Could you do something like that with us? What are our packaging options?
Yes we can package specialty items in specialty sealed bags or plastic spice jars and caps.
Hi Dan. Does Asmus do anything pastry related? Can you make a pastry cream mix with a caramel or toffee favor? And our beverage manager asked me to ask you if you could create a Crème Brulee flavored shaker for our signature coffee drinks and for our company to sell retail at our stores?
We are always ready to create anything a customer needs. To answer your question LETS TANGO!!

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