Private Labels for the
Food & Beverage Industry

Memorable Messaging
Made Simple

Satisfy requirements and build your brand with private labels through Asmus Seasonings.

Private labels, or “co-packing” can be an excellent opportunity to promote and build your brand, both locally and nationally, all the while creating customer loyalty.

Got a special seasoning blend, a “killer” rub or a proprietary dry flour mix that you’d like to share with your customers? The world?

Or, maybe you’d like to see YOUR company’s logo on a line of packaged herbs and spices for a retail sale at your company’s stores, or in your restaurants?

Private Labeling is also an essential control for franchises who specify the exclusive use of their own privately branded products within their unit’s daily production.

Let Asmus work with you to identify all the ways your operation can benefit from our decades of experience providing our customers with Private Label solutions, including:

  • Product Line Selections
  • Specific Packaging Options
  • Label Designs
  • Required Ingredients Deck Disclosures
  • Nutritional Information Requirements

All of which Asmus can handle in-house.