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In the meantime, get to know the personalities behind the people who make it all happen each day. (… These folks really know their business.)


The Asmus Seasonings Company Team

Dan Lowry, Executive Chef
(President and Partner)

Beyond all of Dan’s professional education and experience which steers the Asmus ship, it’s probably no coincidence that Dan claims his favorite superhero is….wait for it… Popeye.

As you can probably guess, Dan has dedicated way too much time at the spice house and hasn’t gone out to the movies much lately.

Dan’s other passions are salami and his grandchildren (not necessarily in that order). Of course, when time allows, his true passion for cooking has never left his heart and his favorite herb is basil.

Paul Tsvetkoff
(General Manager)

For nearly a decade, Paul has managed the daily operations at Asmus Seasonings.

It’s no surprise that everyone at Asmus loves to cook. It’s not only Paul’s favorite hobby, but it’s his favorite thing to do on a rainy day (which makes it kind of a bummer during grilling season).

Paul says that “calories count for double as you get older,” but the one food he can’t live without is “chips,” of course. Thankfully, among Paul’s favorite hobbies are golf and hockey.

Timmy Schmid
(Plant Manager)

When not directing the day-to-day traffic in the “spice house,” Timmy loves working with his hands creating things. (Stacking pallets in the warehouse doesn’t really count.) Timmy’s choice for the only food he would want to have if stuck on a deserted island? He replied “cereal?”… (We guess he’s really counting on being rescued by lunch.)

And lastly, when asked who his favorite superhero is, he replied, “My wife.” … Good goin’ Timmy! You really are on top of your game. With a family of six and a couch at home that only fits three, we’d say you truly are a good manager!

Geoff Vercnocke
(Operations and Purchasing)

Geoff is a clever one, always pushing the boundaries of the possible — which is not only why Asmus gets such amazingly high-quality products at such competitive prices, but also why, when asked what food he just can’t live without, he answered, “Coffee.”

He’s also very clever and resourceful as his answer to the only food he could have on a deserted island was … tortillas? (To make fish tacos…). We’re guessing he’s somehow planning on smuggling some of that Red Goose taco seasoning blend onto the island and afterward using the empty bottle to write a rescue message. If the deserted island thing doesn’t pan out, Geoff’s “bucket list” plans include traveling to a much bigger island, Greenland.

And yes, Geoff, you’re in luck. They do have coffee there.

Karen Hines
(Compliance Officer)

Who keeps track of all the rules and regs? Karen does. And it comes as no surprise that the one thing she says “Momma never told her” is that “adulting is hard!” And when it comes to being the adult in the room, it’s the perfect skillset to keep the Asmus family of dedicated, skilled employees on track and on point.

Karen’s family is very important to her. She loves her kids and grandkids and also loves to cook. Her “bucket list” destination is Tuscany, her single favorite food is shrimp, she can’t live without pasta, and her favorite seasoning is garlic salt. Hmmm … is there a pattern here?

Erin Przybycki
(Office Manager)

Erin has a big heart and a big sweet tooth by her own admission. She loves to bake and loves chocolate ice cream. Devoted to her dog, Hailey, Erin just loves animals and speaks fluent sarcasm in Polish. (We don’t think Hailey really gets it, however…)

On rainy days, one of Erin’s favorite things to do is just chill on the porch listening to the calming rain while dreaming of meeting her favorite actor, John Krasinski (who, by the way, unlike Hailey, probably would understand Erin perfectly).

Lauren Wellman
(Account Manager)

Lauren absolutely loves the outdoors and her favorite food is “wine”? Ok Lauren, we’ll let that one slide, we’ll just say they’re liquid grapes.

The one food she absolutely can’t live without is a McDonald’s Coke and Fries. Now if she could just get McDonald’s to sell wine, she might REALLY be on to something special.

On Lauren’s “bucket list” is Europe with Spain being one of her must see countries. Unfortunately, after 8 years of Spanish in both high school and college she admits she doesn’t “speak another language”? Hmmm?

Everyone at Asmus has their favorite herb or spice. For Lauren, it’s a Habanero varietal called Hot Lips, which have a Scoville rated heat index closing in on 350,000 SHU’s

Be careful Lauren,…it’s choices like that that could get a girl a nick name!! :O