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The phrase “custom blend” can mean many different things, and we’ve got all the boxes (and bags) checked!

Asmus Seasonings and Red Goose Spice Company have a vast selection of in-house blends that are available to all of our customers for immediate shipment. Or, if you prefer, Asmus can work with your current recipes, imitate one you happen to love, or work with Dan and our crack R&D team to create a custom spice blend specifically suited to your own tastes. … We’re ready to tango!

Custom Spice Blends through
Asmus Seasonings & Red Goose

  • Sauce Spice Blends
  • Steak Seasonings
  • BBQ Rubs
  • Rotisserie Seasonings
  • Chicken Flouring Blends
  • Marinade Seasoning
  • Brine Seasoning
  • Dressing Seasoning Blends

plant based
protein products

Today, more than ever, contemporary menu’s offer non-meat alternatives to satisfy the growing demand not only by vegetarians, but by those with dietary restrictions or who have made it a personal life-style choice.

Asmus’s team can offer you a range of plant-based proteins choices to suit your needs in dishes such as chili’s, soups, burgers or other meatless recipes you wish to create.

We can even assist you in packetizing your plant-based protein formulation to make it easier for you to create your finished recipes with efficiency and accuracy.

Share with us your ideas and Let’s Tango!