The Food Seasoning
Manufacturer & Distributor
with a Flair for Flavor

We Are

We are who you think we are…but more.

Sterling Heights, Michigan-based Asmus Seasonings has been one of the industry’s most trusted seasoning manufacturers and distributors for over 120 years. Asmus has been considered a leader in new product development and customer specific packaging solutions since its founding in 1901.

Under the leadership of Dan Lowry, and his team of culinary and product application specialists, Asmus Seasonings provides its customers with a wide range of products, from the highest quality herbs and spices, to rubs, spice blends, custom seasoned flours, pizza dough mixes and food seasoning applications designed for each of its customer’s specific production needs.

Who is
Chef Dan Lowry?

Quite simply, he thinks like you do.

Dan Lowry himself is no stranger to the food service industry. Trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Dan’s professional experience encompasses nearly every facet of the industry that he now serves. He began as an executive chef in the hotel industry and became a corporate chef for a multi-unit restaurant group. He later was a chef, owner, and operator of his own restaurant, Lowry’s.

Dan’s contributions to the culinary world further continued as a food service consultant and as a culinary educator at the college level, which continues to this day.

From prestigious local restaurants to regional and national food production corporations, one thing remains constant throughout the history of Dan’s leadership and his personal, day-to-day involvement in Asmus Seasonings and its sibling, Red Goose Spice Company. And that is placing a priority on providing quality, product solutions, and outstanding service for restaurateurs and those in the food and beverage industry.

He’s been there, so he gets it.