The “Asmus” Matrix…no, not THAT one…

May 25, 2022

With The Matrix motion picture franchise now in its 4th release with its “The Matrix Revolutions” (2021), it’s quite understandable that many who have seen one of these films, might imagine Keanu Reeves in a dark, oversized duster cape running the Asmus Seasonings’ popular “vertical form & fill packaging” machine by Matrix.

Yet whenever the subject of the custom portion packaging of seasoning blends for our customers is suggested as a solution to improve quality assurance and reduce labor, the “Matrix Solution”, is always in the mix of opportunities our customers can take advantage of.

Indeed, the ProMach Matrix machine, is truly a matrix by definition:
1) Something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form or, by another definition
2) a mold or material in which something is enclosed or embedded (as for protection).

All of these definitions apply to Asmus Matrix machine now serving dozens upon dozens of our customers.

It’s ability to individually portion package seasoning blends used for recipes such as brines, marinades, pizza sauces, rubs, dough starters and dozens of similar products offer our customers the following benefits:

  • Tremendous increase in quality assurance as it virtually eliminates errors in measuring numerous ingredients by numerous employees each day for each recipe you make.
  • Labor savings, as there is less time spent producing your recipes.
  • Less waste. Recipe errors inevitably result in recipes which cannot be used and thus have to be discarded, costing you $$$.
  • Less storage space used for the multiple ingredients formerly needed to create each recipe.
  • Higher quality. Asmus’s inventory is replenished so often you can be assured that each spice blend packaged for you by our Matrix machine is mixed with herbs and spices freshly brought into our inventory, then blended for you.

The Matrix machine can produce portion pouches ranging from as small as 2 ounces up to approximately 60 ounces of weight. Typically, this allows our customers to, for instance, create a recipe for Pizza Sauce which requires 6 – #10 cans of a tomato product and perhaps some olive oil, to then use a portioned package of the exact amount of sugar, salt, herbs and spices needed for that exact size recipe.

And Asmus can print your “use instructions” on each and every portion package to insure your employees know exactly how to use them. No more memorizing or looking for tattered, printed recipes with numerous corrections over time.

The Asmus Matrix machine is so popular with our customers not only because of the savings brought about by labor efficiency but by the increased sales attributed to consistency of flavor and quality, that they call it, “The Money Machine”!

If your business is looking for ways to increased productivity, improved quality assurance, contact Asmus and let us discuss with you the many opportunities portion control can benefit your products integrity, and your bottom line.

Want to see the Matrix in action? Click The Asmus Matrix below. (Sorry, Keanu had the day off…)

The Asmus Matrix – SD 480p

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