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May 6, 2022

A whisk is used to mix a batter

Most restaurants and commercial food manufacturers have recipes or products that are batter-dipped.

And, as fried foods are as popular as ever, there’s no shortage of ideas for products that are batter-dipped, then deep-fried.

Not that long ago, savory batters were used just for fish or chicken.

Then the carnival came to town.

And that brought us batters used for elephant ears, funnel cakes, corn dogs and pickles. Not soon after, the wheels really came off the crazy wagon and creations like Deep Fried Oreos®, Chocolate Bacon on a Stick, Twinkies®, or Batter Dipped Watermelon bites burst on the food scene like clowns from a clown car.

Carnival Foods

While the crazy “whatever you can fry, I can fry stranger” carnival wars continue to be waged, the seasoned flour mixes made by Asmus exclusively for their customers are mostly used for chicken and seafood (usually fish and shrimp).

Formulating these seasoned flours used for batters is one of our many specialties.

From Japanese Tempura Shrimp batter mixes to the good ole “American Style” flour mixes for used fried chicken, we have, over the years worked with our customers to custom blend flours used for prepared batters of all types.

Fried Chicken

Batter Types

The two most common flour blends Asmus creates are:

  • A wheat flour-based blend, used primarily for chicken and fish.
  • A rice flour-based blend, used for Tempura, which in turn can be used for any product but is most often used for seafood, vegetables, and fish.

These two blend “types” can themselves be used in multiple ways.

  • As a one-step procedure: Strictly as a flouring agent only, not as a batter. Product fried directly after flouring.
  • As a two-step procedure: Used as a flouring agent FIRST, then made into a batter, dipped into that batter (then fried).
  • As a three-step procedure: Used as a flouring agent FIRST, then made into a batter, dipped into that batter, then floured a second time (then fried).

Asmus uses better batter for fried chicken and more, as depicted here.

Creating that “Difference”

Having an outstanding, proprietary flour recipe that you can really count on for making your signature batters is an enormous difference maker for any establishment. Too often, businesses use an off-the-shelf product that doesn’t completely suit their specific needs and often results in a bland, soggy, greasy product that doesn’t really hold up too well.

That’s not a good business model.

Not surprisingly, one of the most common requests we receive from our customers is for a batter that is crisp, that doesn’t absorb grease, and that offers the products an extended crispness after frying.

From flour choices to “crisping” agents, we carefully craft your product with your desired seasonings, including, if you wish, any leavening which can give your finished product a lighter, more airy texture.

It’s something to consider, especially for shrimp and seafood.

Looking for a batter mix with shattering crispness or spicy heat? Maybe a touch of lemon pepper or savory herbs?  Dan and his team can create a wide variety of batter flour mixes, each suited to your specific product needs.

From food truck catering to haute cuisine, having a “better batter” in your lineup is a recipe for continued success.

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